6 essential tools to search for keywords on the Internet


In order to position your business among the first places of Internet search engines such as Google, it is necessary to search for keywords related to your brand, your products, and services, in order to create content focused on them. Do you know how to search for keywords on the Internet? In this article, we will teach you.

According to statistics, Google is the king of Internet searches. In fact, it holds more than 92% of the world market when it comes to search engines, with an incredible figure of more than 6.5 billion searches per day worldwide, which means that around 80,000 searches are performed per second.

With these figures in mind, there is no doubt that, in order to grow on the Internet, it is important to have a strategy that allows us to optimize our website and social networks so that it can be positioned among the first places in Google when a user searches for our products or services.

But, how can we know what kind of searches users perform on the Internet? This is where the famous keywords come into play; those tags that are generally used to find clear results in a place that has millions of websites, such as Google. 

What are keywords?

A keyword is a tag that is used when searching for a product, service, or information about a specific topic on the Internet. These tags allow us to filter the results of the search engine, in order to find the sites that really provide the content you need.

The vast majority of people, when they need to find some kind of product through the web, usually search the service by keyword, in order to find specific results that really answer the question they are presenting.

Our job will be then to find all those keywords related to our brand and our products, in order to position our content among the first places of the results and connect with many more users through the Internet. This process of finding keywords is usually known as ‘keyword research’.

How to search for keywords quickly and easily?

Fortunately, there are several tools on the web that give us the opportunity to know what are those terms users tend to use when searching the Internet about the type of product or service offered by our business.

Here are 6 of the easiest free tools to use, which will allow you to find your brand’s keywords without any problems and in a matter of a few minutes:

Google ADS

This is one of the most popular tools for keyword research on the Internet, and undoubtedly one of the most powerful and provides the best results. It belongs to Google’s range of products and provides a series of features that allow us to better understand the queries made by users on the web.

To use the Google ADS tool, we simply type the phrase of our preference in the search engine, and it will immediately show us the related searches performed by users around the term we have entered, including important data such as the volume of searches for each term, traffic and the rate of competition for positioning.


Another of the most effective tools to know the keywords that users tend to use when searching on the Internet is Ubersuggest. In addition to providing results about keywords on the Internet, it also provides important data about searches on Google Images, YouTube, and even news.

In this case, you can also have the opportunity to analyze the keywords and positioning data of your competitors, in order to have an idea about the objectives that you will have to fulfill, in case you really want to position your brand among the first places of the web results.


In the case of Semrush, we also find a very easy-to-use tool to search for keywords, which allows us to know important data about the searches performed by the public on the Internet, around the products or services offered by our company.

In addition, with this tool, we can also have the opportunity to know how difficult the positioning for the keyword we have entered is, thanks to the option offered by Semrush, which shows the difficulty of positioning for each keyword.


WordStream offers us a free tool to search for keywords in a very simple and fast way, with which we will undoubtedly have the opportunity to know each of the terms that users enter when searching for a keyword online.

In addition, it allows us to filter the keyword search by country, which will undoubtedly help us position our brand or business in a much more effective way in specific market areas, and thus have a better chance to capture the attention of potential customers.

Answer The Public

The Answer The Public tool basically allows us to immerse ourselves in the thoughts of users and see each of the keywords they use when searching for information about a product or service, including questions that can help us create content that responds to the needs of our customers.

In this case, we can also filter the search by country or language, so it is a 100% effective tool that will allow us to optimize our website to position it at the top of the results in search engines like Google.

Keyword Surfer

In this case, we find a 100% free extension for Google Chrome, which will be extremely useful when it comes to discovering the keywords that users enter to search for products or services we offer, through the web.

Keyword Surfer is extremely easy to use since we will simply have to install the extension in our browser, and then perform a normal search through Google. When we do the search, we will see important data about the volume of searches for the keyword, the cost per click for Google Adwords campaigns, as well as a list of keywords similar to the one we have entered.

Why do I need to search for keywords for my business?

If you want your business to register an important digital growth, it is necessary that you know what searches users perform around your products or services on the Internet, in order to target your content to those terms that can generate greater interest in the audience.

This way, you will be able to optimize your website, position your company among the top search results for each keyword of your brand, and even surpass your competition by attracting more users that can become customers.

Are you ready to grow digitally and take your sales level to the top? At Primitive Agency, we can do the keyword research work that your brand needs. We will take care of finding keywords that match your business, and then producing valuable content that responds to the needs of your customers and allows you to position your brand among the best.

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