6 questions to ask yourself before starting your digital marketing strategy


When you are about to start a digital marketing strategy, with which you can take your business or brand to the top through the web, you may have many questions in mind about the procedures and tools you can use to get the most effective results possible. 

Many times, finding an answer to these questions can be a bit complicated, but if you have the support of a team of marketing experts who can help you develop a strategy that will boost your sales and allow you to taste success through the web, you can be sure that you are on the right path.

In this article, we answer 6 of the most important questions you should ask yourself before starting a digital marketing strategy, so you can have an idea of the goals you want to achieve and the process to follow to achieve them without major problems.

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Do you know your buyer persona?

The first step of any digital marketing strategy that really seeks to achieve effective and quality results, is to describe our “buyer persona”. This term is used to define our ideal customer, the one who will be interested in our product and can become a buyer for our business.

In this exercise, you will have to establish a series of aspects that help build that ideal customer, using characteristics such as their interests, tastes, types of purchases they make on the Internet, location, and age range, among many others.

How is your competition doing?

To succeed in a digital marketing strategy, it is also important to know your competition and know what techniques they use to get information to customers, as well as the characteristics that will allow you to gather useful information to start the momentum of your brand.

Each one of these pieces of data will allow you to adjust your marketing strategy, in order to follow the right path that will lead to success, managing to match or even surpass the sales of your competitors, regardless of the category to which your brand belongs.

What goals are you looking to achieve with your digital marketing strategy?

Another issue that should be very clear when starting a strategy that seeks the digital momentum of your brand, is what are the objectives you want to achieve with it, so you can always work in tune with the purpose you want to achieve.

For example, it is possible that, through a digital marketing strategy, you want to achieve greater recognition in social networks, gain more followers, or perhaps increase the number of sales in a specific period of time that can be weekly, monthly, or even annually.

What are the best social networks for your brand?

Something you should always keep in mind is that not all social networks may be good for the type of business you lead. Each of these platforms has features and resources that can be more or less useful for each type of business, so you must be sure which one is best suited to the objectives you want to achieve.

To do this, you can make a study in line with the objectives you have previously set, taking into consideration each of the features offered by the main social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, among others, and thus determine which of them can best adapt to the goal you want to achieve.

Do you have the right budget?

Something you must be clear about is that, if you want to achieve effective and safe results, with which you can take your brand to the top in the networks and the web, you must have a sufficiently suitable budget, according to the number of objectives you want to achieve and the time in which you want to do it.

Keep in mind that digital marketing strategies use different tools that can help optimize processes and achieve results in less time, in addition to the knowledge of specialized professionals who can lead you to develop the best strategy, appropriate to the needs of your business.


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Do you have the right team to develop the best strategy?

When you already have a clear answer to each of the above questions, finally, it is ideal that you consider the fact of having the support of a professional team that can lead you to meet each of those objectives you are looking for, through the development of a unique strategy that can be adapted to the needs of your business.

At Primitive Agency we know the process to follow so you can achieve those goals you are looking for, with a digital marketing strategy that allows you to completely dominate the networks. Are you ready to take your business to the top in sales? Call us at +1 (646) 377 9470 or email us at [email protected].

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