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There are no limits to learning. While you may already have a university degree or some occupation to which you dedicate yourself every day, it is never too much to have some additional knowledge to further boost your professional development. For this, on the web you can find many platforms of free online courses, in which you can find various topics that may be of interest.

In this type of platforms, you can take all kinds of courses with different types of duration, which you can do at any time and from anywhere you are, as they are completely online and without the need for physical attendance.

So you have no excuses! Learning something new will always be an effective way to improve your professional profile and even your personal development. So, without further ado, here are 5 of the best free online course platforms you can find on the Internet.


Coursera is one of the most recognized free online course platforms on the web, so it is not surprising that you can find several dozens of courses on different topics, covering various sectors such as biology, science, education, psychology, health, and marketing, among many others.

The learning model offered by this platform is 100% online, so it is quite adaptable to your schedule and you can take the course you want without any restrictions. Although all the courses on the platform are free, if you want to obtain a certificate, you will have to pay a fee, which will be indicated by the platform, depending on the course you have taken.

Google Activate

Offered by the most famous search engine in the world, the Google Activate platform also offers a wide range of free online courses, which can help you acquire a series of skills that will 100% enhance your professional capacity.

Whether you are interested in digital marketing, professional development, or data management, in Google Activate, you can find totally free courses, with short and effective modules, which will allow you to take them at any time of the day. In addition, several of them have a certificate upon completion.

Stanford Online

This is a platform belonging to Stanford University, where you can find a wide range of free online courses, which will help you get all the knowledge you need on a specific topic, in order to complement your professional career.

You can choose from courses, educational programs, and many other resources, which are taught by the best professionals in the industry, who will ensure you safe and effective learning, whatever the area of your preference. 


When talking about the best platforms for free online courses, it is undoubtedly essential to mention EDX. This website, although less popular than those mentioned above, offers a large number of courses of the highest quality, taught by professionals from the best universities in the world.

It was created jointly by Harvard University and MIT, and allows you to expand your knowledge to infinite levels, through a unique teaching methodology, identified by the processes of “experience”, “practice” and “application”.


In this case, we find a very useful platform, which offers a wide variety of free online courses that can be taken from anywhere you are, as long as you have a stable Internet connection.

It was created as a result of a series of classes given by Stanford University, and nowadays it has a great variety of courses that allow users to receive detailed information on marketing, engineering, web development, etc.

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Are you ready to continue learning with the best free online courses?

As human beings, knowledge is one of those primitive needs that, since the beginning of time, has led us to develop all kinds of technologies that have allowed us to facilitate many of our daily tasks, as well as feed our intellect to develop professionally.

Precisely thanks to that knowledge that we have acquired throughout history, today we have such wonderful tools as the Internet, which we can now use to continue learning through these free online courses that we mentioned before. Cheer up and start the one that catches your attention today!

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