How To Find Liked Videos on Facebook


Have you ever been browsing through your Facebook feed and come across a video that you loved, but then couldn’t find it when you wanted to watch it again? We’ve all been through this frustrating situation at some point, but don’t worry! Here we have the solution.

In this article, we will show you how to find liked videos on Facebook in the simplest and quickest way possible. Whether you’re looking to relive those fun moments or even if you want to organize your collection of favorite videos, we’ve got you covered!

So, if you’re ready to retrieve those videos that touched your heart on the world’s largest social platform, take note of the following information.


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Where do “Liked” videos on Facebook go?

Facebook, one of the most popular social networks in the world, has become a place where we share memories, connect with friends and family, and discover interesting content. In the midst of the avalanche of posts, you may have liked videos that you loved, but where do these videos go?

Well, although it may seem like everything is lost when you can’t find that video you loved, the reality is that this social network stores the videos you have reacted to so that you can view them again if needed.

4 ways to find liked videos on Facebook

Now, if you’re wondering how to find liked videos on Facebook, first you need to know that you have 4 ways to find them: using Facebook Search, using Activity Log, Video Bookmarks, or Facebook Watch. Here’s how to find liked videos on Facebook through these 4 options:

1. Using Facebook Search

This method allows you to search for videos you have liked using the Facebook search bar.


– Log in to your Facebook account.

– At the top of the page, use the search bar to enter keywords related to the video you’re looking for.

– In the search results, use the “Videos” filter at the top to only see videos.

– Explore the results and look for the video you have liked.

2. Using Activity Log

The Activity Log is a tool that allows you to view and filter all your activities on Facebook, including the videos you have liked.


– Log in to Facebook and click on the downward arrow in the upper right corner to open the dropdown menu.

– Select “Settings & Privacy” and then “Activity Log.”

– In the left column, click on “Filters” and select “Likes.”

– Now you will see a list of all the videos you have liked in chronological order.

3. Using Video Bookmarks

Video Bookmarks are an easy way to access your favorite videos on Facebook.


– Log in to Facebook and find the left sidebar.

– Click on “See More” to expand the options.

– Select “Video Bookmarks.” Here you will find a list of all the videos you have liked.

4. Using Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch is a video platform where you can find and organize favorite videos. You can access your liked videos from here.


– Log in to Facebook and go to the “Watch” tab at the top of the page.

– In the “Your Videos” section, search for and select “Videos You Like.”

– Here you will find a list of the videos you have marked as favorites.


Each of these methods will allow you to find and enjoy the videos you have liked on Facebook, providing you with different options to access your personal collection of favorites.


Always find your content on the web

Facebook is much more than a platform to connect with friends; it’s a treasure trove of memories and valuable content that you have saved in the form of videos you’ve liked. Now that you know these four ways to access your favorites collection, you won’t have to desperately search for that special video that captured your heart.

So go ahead! Explore your liked videos and enjoy your favorite content in the blink of an eye.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are liked videos on Facebook visible to my friends?

No, the videos you like on Facebook are private and not visible to your friends unless you choose to share them on your timeline or through a message.

Can I unlike a video that I’ve liked?

Yes, you can unlike a video at any time. To do so, visit the video, click the “Like” button again to deactivate it.

Is there a limit to the number of videos I can like on Facebook?

No, Facebook does not set a limit on the number of videos you can like.

Can I see who else has liked a video on Facebook?

No, Facebook does not reveal who has liked a video unless it is a public video and reaction data is enabled.

Can I access my liked videos from the Facebook mobile app?

Yes, you can access your liked videos from both the Facebook mobile app and the desktop version of the website by following the same steps mentioned in the article.

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