Learn about video marketing: a strategy that could bring important benefits to your brand.


In recent years, video has become a format of great importance for any digital marketing strategy that really seeks to connect with the public through any media, especially on social networks. Do you know what video marketing is? In this article, we tell you about it.

Nowadays it is extremely difficult not to come across a video on the Internet, and when we enter the most popular sites on the web, whether it is YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or any other platform for content sharing, the video format is the one that completely dominates.

In fact, according to a set of statistics published by the website HubSpot, since 2020 the video format has become the most important tool in content marketing, surpassing even articles published on website blogs and infographics. Here’s everything you need to know about video marketing.

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What is video marketing?

Video marketing is one of the many strategies that we can use to work on the growth of a brand or company, through the production of content in video format, in which we can basically promote your products or services, in order to connect with that target audience that will surely be interested in your product.

One of the best features of video marketing is that it can be used not only for promotional purposes but also to maintain a close relationship with your customers through the development of content that allows you to interact with them and provide useful solutions related to your product or service.

Undoubtedly, today video marketing has positioned itself as one of the most effective strategies when seeking the growth of any business, so you would be making a big mistake if you do not take it into consideration for the digital strategy of your brand.  

What kind of content is produced in video marketing?

Video marketing is one of the most plural digital strategies that exist, because it allows us to create content of different types, and each of them can be perfectly aligned to the needs of a company or brand of any industry.

Some of the types of videos that can be produced for video marketing are:

  • Advertising videos.
  • Tutorials.
  • Webinars.
  • Institutional videos.
  • Product or service descriptions.
  • Blogs.
  • Short stories.
  • 3D designs and motion graphics.

Among many other formats that can provide excellent benefits when developing videos of the best quality for your company, and thus connect with the public in an effective and memorable way, which will surely lead them to become loyal customers to your product.

Benefits that video marketing can bring to your company’s growth

There are many benefits that your brand can get when developing a video marketing strategy that really seeks the digital growth of your brand. To give you an idea, here are 5 of the most important ones:

Easy engagement with audiences on the web.

The numbers speak for themselves. Today, there are countless studies that show the clear growth of the video format in the networks and demonstrate how this media is attracting more and more users on the web.

So, as long as you let your creativity fly to produce unique, fun, and captivating videos, you will be able to attract a large number of users who consume this type of content on the networks and online every day.

It is a memorable format

Several studies indicate that people tend to retain at least 50% of the information they receive while watching a video. This represents a much larger figure than that which can be observed, for example, in written format content.

In this sense, through a good video marketing strategy, you can have the opportunity to make users remember your brand perfectly, and thus achieve that they can eventually become your customers.

Higher conversion rate

Another advantage that video marketing offers is that, unlike other content formats that can be produced in a digital marketing strategy, videos can increase the conversion rate of a brand by up to 80%.

This means that, by producing quality videos for your video marketing campaign, you will have a greater chance of making users who watch your video, become customers of your company and purchase your product.

Contribute to your SEO strategy

Just as we all know that the video format is gaining more and more strength and is positioned as the favorite for Internet users, Google is also very clear about it. Therefore, by including videos in your web content, you will have more opportunities to position yourself among the first places on the search engine.

Make your company stand out from the competition

Finally, video marketing is an excellent way to highlight your content from your competitors, especially when it has not been implemented as a strategy for them.

Producing high-quality videos that allow you to convey a clear message to your users will help you fully highlight your business and create a lasting impact in the minds of your current customers, and even potential customers that you can reach on the web.

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Are you ready to apply video marketing in your business?

Now that you know what video marketing is, you are probably eager to apply this strategy in your company, and you would be making a big mistake if you don’t do it. But, to be sure you do it correctly, it is always important to have the support of professionals in the field.

At Primitive Agency, we have a whole team of creatives that can help you develop visual pieces of the best quality, with which you will be able to connect with the largest number of users on the Internet. Call us now at +1 (646) 377 9470, or email us at [email protected] so that, together, we can develop the best video marketing strategy for your business.

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