Looking to grow on TikTok? These tips can help you


TikTok is a social music and video app that has become extremely popular in recent years. This app allows users to create and share short music and dance videos, following, and creating ‘trends’ that can be very useful when engaging new customers for a brand. TikTok has managed to attract a large number of users from all over the world, which has led many companies to wonder how they can grow on TikTok.

Undoubtedly, the great impact that this social network has generated today represents a unique opportunity to reach a specific audience that may be really interested in our product or service.

TikTok allows you to interact with other people in a fun and creative way. As a business, creating and sharing videos in a fun and easy way will allow you to connect with other users and expand your audience. But how can you grow organically on TikTok?

Here are some tips that can help you:

  1. Create short and concise videos.

TikTok is a short video application. In most cases, users enter the app to spend just a few minutes and watch a few videos. It is important that you make the most of that time, creating really eye-catching and creative videos that really convey the message you want to get across to your users, but without a long duration.

  1. Use popular hashtags

Just like on other networks, such as Instagram or Twitter, on TikTok you can also have the opportunity to use hashtags or tags that will allow you to stick to trending topics. This will help you grow on TikTok in a much more organic way, attracting more and more users to your profile.

  1. Interact with other users

The interaction you have with users who visit your profile, as well as with other accounts that may offer similar content to yours, can also be a good way to capture the attention of users on the social network. Remember that, precisely because it is a social network, it is essential that you can socialize with other users on the network.

  1. Use trending audios

As with hashtags, another tool you can use in TikTok to make your content viral and connect with more and more users are audios. If there is something that characterizes this social network, it is its ability to viralize audios and songs through dances, challenges, or simply creative content that captivates the audience. Take advantage of the reach provided by the most popular audios and use them to create your videos.

  1. Follow the three-second rule

Among TikTok content creators, there is a sacred rule that can be decisive when it comes to capturing the attention of social network users. It is the three-second rule. This basically means that the first three seconds of a video should be sufficiently striking to get the user to consume the entire content, increasing the chances that they will perform any action we want, such as a purchase.

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Work with us and get ready to grow in TikTok with your brand.

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