Marketing ideas to help you increase your company’s sales


hen it comes to starting a brand or a company, the process to be carried out must be carefully considered in order to give it the proper recognition, and thus reach the largest number of people who can become potential customers. For this purpose, there are many marketing ideas that can be extremely useful.

Keep in mind that, while everyone can create an account on a social network and promote their professional services or their brand’s products, there will always be a lot of well-thought-out approaches that, when applied to your business after a thorough study of your needs, can provide truly impressive results.

What’s best of all is you don’t need to be a beginner to start developing marketing ideas that will allow you to improve your brand stats, even if you already have an established business, it’s never too late to refresh the strategies you use to connect with your audience and open yourself up to new and better sales opportunities.

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Examples of effective marketing ideas

In the market you can find an endless number of marketing ideas previously used by the world’s largest companies, which may inspire you to develop strategies that can provide similar results for your business.

Here are 3 of the most effective marketing ideas when working on growing a business:

Create a unique experience for your customer

One of the most effective ideas when it comes to promoting your brand is to make the sales process a striking and memorable experience for the customer, providing them with elements that can improve or facilitate some area of their lives, for example, the production of pencils, caps, thermoses, etc.

Also keep in mind that whatever you develop must be based on your client’s tastes and needs. Another example is the case of Spotify, which creates personalized music playlists for its users, according to their musical tastes, which they publish at important events such as the end of the year, parties, etc.

Get the maximum benefit from social networking tools

Nowadays you can find many tools in social networks that will help you to create really original publications, with which you will be able to develop really eye-catching and impactful marketing ideas. It’s no longer just about posting a photo, now you can play with your creativity and achieve totally unique publications.

On Instagram, for example, there are tools available to you such as carousels, lives, IGTV and reels, which lately have shown great potential to make a company gain the greatest recognition on the network.

Create contests for your users

Another of the best ways to create completely unique experiences for your customers, through effective marketing ideas, is to design contests with which your company’s users can feel attracted, building loyalty and thus increasing your level of sales.

Today, there are many companies that apply this strategy, from the smallest to the largest and most global brands, and the results are always wonderful. Simply be creative and make a contest that really catches the attention of your customers.

What should I consider when developing marketing ideas for my business?

There are many tips you can take when developing marketing ideas that are truly effective, and that also allow you to connect with your target audience in a safe and dynamic way, with those who can become loyal customers.

Some of the main ones may be the following:

  •       Organize your ideas. Meet with your team first, have a coffee and talk about the ideas each of you have for your strategy, make sure you take the best of each of them to finally build a truly engaging and unique campaign.
  •       Give yourself a chance to try new things. We are often afraid to venture into other areas of marketing that can bring us important benefits, for the simple fact of being familiar with a certain strategy that has brought us good results. However, a change never hurts to improve those results.
  •       Combine digital and traditional marketing. While today we are all surrounded by digital content everywhere, traditional marketing has not stopped being present and delivering truly amazing results. Try to combine the best of these two types of marketing, for the best results.
  •       Always think about your customers. We often make the same mistake of thinking about what we think is best for ourselves when creating marketing ideas, forgetting the actual person who each of these ideas are aimed at: the customer. Focus on thinking more like your customers and set up ideas to meet their needs and not yours.
  •       Team up with a marketing agency Although you can develop marvelous and innovative ideas for your brand promotion, you should never leave aside the professional opinion of branding experts. By working with a marketing agency, you can take a fresh look at your company’s business opportunities and create highly effective strategies.

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1. Be as authentic as possible

This may seem a bit obvious to say, but it is always worth remembering that your company’s logo must be entirely original and memorable, so your customers can remember it and immediately associate it with the quality and excellence of the product or service offered by your company.

Although it is valid to use other logos as inspiration, the ideal is to take ideas that help you create a unique and completely different image, so that your brand is unmistakable and you can connect in a much more effective way with your target audience.

Just remember your company’s logo, as the cover of a book, will most of the time be the first thing customers see when they discover the products you offer. Please make sure that this logo is original and attractive enough to remain in the thoughts of your customers.

2. Go for simple, high-impact designs

This is one of the most challenging steps, because when we stop to think about what we want for the logo design, the amount of ideas arising may result in a logo full of details that may overload the design.

To avoid this, the best thing to do is to try as much as possible to write down each idea you have about the company’s logo, and then select only those that will allow you to achieve an ideal result, without overloading the logo.

Be aware of the fact that a logo with many elements in its design can make it look messy, preventing the public from feeling identified with the brand. It is best to choose simpler designs easy for consumers to remember.

3. Pay attention to the colors of your brand

One of the things that will identify your company are the colors you use when developing the perfect logo to differentiate your company from the rest of the businesses in the market, which may even offer the same product as yours.

Also, remember to use colors that match your business, and that are aligned with the values you want to convey so that the public can identify and click on the message you want to communicate through your brand.

Remember your logo must communicate a message to your customers, to make them feel attracted to acquire the product or service to meet any need they may have.

4. Do not forget the logo must be customizable

According to the type of business your brand belongs to, it is probable your logo may be used on different surfaces, products or materials, especially when it comes to creating advertising campaigns that will help you expand your audience’s attention.

Therefore, it is important you ensure that your logo design is as adaptable as possible, so that you can use it on any type of material or surface where it is needed.

Here, a good tip is to create different versions of the logo, trying colors such as white or pastel shades, which can be adapted to any background on which the company logo will be placed.

5. Team up with a marketing agency

Last but not least, if you want to make sure you have a logo that can really fulfill the purpose of connecting with your target audience, a good advice is to work together with a marketing agency, where you can rely on the knowledge of experts in branding and advertising.

This way, you will have the opportunity to create a completely functional and effective logo for your company, which will surely make you stand out in the market, especially from your direct competition.

At Primitive Agency we are masters in logo designing.

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