SEO checklist: Do you have what it takes for the digital growth of your brand?

If you want to completely dominate the networks with your brand, and make it one of the main options for users searching for your product or service through the web, SEO should be the best ally in your digital strategy. In this article, we have prepared an SEO checklist, with which you can check if your business has everything you need to achieve solid and safe digital growth.

Remember that SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is one of the best techniques that we can use to our advantage, to position our business among the first places of web search engines, such as Google.

Having good SEO optimization will allow you to appear in the first places of the keywords related to your brand, so you can attract more and more customers to your business and increase your sales level in an organic and safe way.

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What do I need to improve my brand’s SEO?

There are many features that can make your website an SEO machine, with which it is possible to position in any search engine, especially the one we all know and use: Google. Here are some of the main features that your website should have in order to be as optimized as possible.


For your website to be really attractive to your audience and to rank well in search engines, these are the aspects you should pay attention to:

  • Having a proper and simple URL.
  • No URL of the site has more than 100 characters.
  • The words of the URL are separated with hyphens and not with underscores.
  • The URL describes and summarizes the content displayed on the website.
  • The loading time of the web page is fast.
  • Each website has a meta description related to the content of the page, no longer than 160 characters.
  • Attractive and descriptive titles according to the content of the page.
  • Have a blog section with relevant content related to the brand’s service.

If your website has each of these features, you can be sure that it will be ranked among the top positions in search engines, increasing the chances of connecting with more and more customers.


The content of your website is another aspect that you must take care of 100%, so that you can have greater opportunities to expand the reach of your brand, positioning it among the first positions of Google.

Some of the features you should make sure to optimize are: 

  • The content published on the website is completely unique and updated.
  • Each content has the information organized by H1, H2, etc. tags.
  • The articles have content of no less than 300 words.
  • Each page has at least one internal and external link.
  • The writing of the contents is adequate, without spelling mistakes, and easy to read.
  • All articles are written based on one or more keywords related to the brand.
  • The content that is shared on the web is not duplicated.

With all this optimized, you can be sure to have content that will be taken into account by search engines on the web, so that your site is displayed among the first places of the search engine.


Regarding multimedia content, images, and videos are also elements that must have certain characteristics and formats that can contribute greatly to the positioning of your website in Google.

  • The images shared on the web page have an optimized <alt> attribute.
  • The resolution of the multimedia content is optimal, without affecting the loading time of the site.

Keep in mind that these are just some of the most important aspects when developing an SEO strategy that allows you to optimize your website, to place it among the top results of search engines like Google.

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In addition, there are other details that you can adjust, but for that, it is important that you have the support of a team of experts that allows you to optimize everything you need so that your website can appear among the first search options in your field.

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