The most common mistakes when creating a LinkedIn account for businesses.


Nowadays, the vast majority of people are surrounded by digital content almost 24 hours a day, largely due to constant exposure to social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or TikTok. While these networks offer many benefits to businesses to sell through them, LinkedIn undoubtedly is the leading social network for professional and business topics. But do you know how to properly use LinkedIn for business?

Many people, when they create an account on a social network to promote their brand, tend to focus only on publishing content related to their services, without taking care of many other details or functions that can help them grow much faster and safer in the digital world.

Below, we tell you some of the most common mistakes that are often made when managing a LinkedIn account for companies, so you can be sure to make the most of everything this network has to offer to position your brand in the business world.

Why should you use LinkedIn for business?

Before we get into the topic of the mistakes you should make sure not to make, what do you say we freshen up a bit on the reasons why your company should have a profile on this social network?

First of all, it is important to be clear that LinkedIn is the most professional social network on the web, so there you can find many opportunities that will make you grow as a company, including references, employees, connect with similar companies or those in the same sector, etc.

According to a study by the Hubspot platform, which analyzed the performance of 5,000 companies on the social network, the conversion rate they received through LinkedIn was 2.74%, which meant a much higher percentage than what they got through other networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

In this sense, LinkedIn represents an extremely important growth opportunity for your business, allowing you to connect with a large community of professional users who may be interested in your brand, and even become potential customers.

What to avoid when managing a LinkedIn account for your company.

In order to be sure to get really useful results for the growth of your brand, it is important that you make sure to avoid some mistakes that are common in the social network, and that can lead you to miss out on the great opportunities that LinkedIn can give you.

Some of the most common mistakes when using LinkedIn for business are:

Too much sales-driven content.

Although on LinkedIn you can also promote the products and services you offer through your brand to have the possibility of capturing the attention of potential customers, it is important to avoid saturating your profile with this type of publications. Remember that beyond generating sales, on LinkedIn you can create a professional space to share content of interest to your employees and followers. Be sure to vary the publications you share and you can have the success you are looking for.

Recycling content from other networks

One of the things that users of this platform value the most is the fact of finding unique content, with that professional approach that characterizes LinkedIn. For this reason you should try as much as possible not to use the same posts that you share on other social networks, such as Facebook or Instagram.

Forgetting your team

To achieve the growth of your company on LinkedIn, you should not forget about your work team. Ask each of your team members to join the social network, follow the company’s profile and interact with the posts you share about your business. This will allow you to connect with more and more users on the social network and increase the reach of your brand. 

Not taking social network metrics into account

LinkedIn, like many other social networks on the web, offers its users a series of metrics that allow them to know how their progress has been on the platform, showing important data on reach, interaction with users, among others. It is important that you take into account each of these data, in order to adjust your strategy, focusing it to respond to each of the needs shown by the metrics.

Not interacting with the community

Many times, administrators of company profiles on LinkedIn forget the fact that this platform, although it has a much more professional approach than others, is still a social network in which interaction with users is extremely important to achieve constant progress. Keep in touch with your users, respond in a friendly and timely manner, interact with them often, and the results will be better than you expect.

Start taking advantage of the benefits of using LinkedIn for your business today.

Would you like your company to have a presence on LinkedIn? If you are going to get into this professional social network, it is important that you do it with the best possible strategy, so you can be sure to get the best out of it.

At Primitive Agency, we know very well how your company can fully master the advantages of LinkedIn and grow through the benefits that this platform offers. Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Call us at +1 (646) 377 9470, or email us at [email protected]. Together, we can develop the best strategy for your brand on LinkedIn.

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