The tricks you need to know to search Google like an expert


We have all used Google to do a search on any topic that interests us, or even to find an answer to a question we have in mind. But did you know that there are several ways to search on Google?

It is not always just a matter of typing a word or phrase in the Google search engine and pressing “search”. This platform offers us several tools that can help us filter the results, so we can find just the information we need to solve our intrigue.

Remember that Google, being the most used Internet search engine on the planet, has millions of websites with different types of content, so it is often necessary to use these tools to filter the information and find the answer we want to reach.

In this article, we tell you some “hacks” that you can use to take full advantage of this famous search engine, and thus perform Google searches like an expert.

1. Use your voice to perform your search

You may already know this, but for many it is a function that, being less used than the text search, may be unknown. And is that, to perform Google searches, it is not necessary to write the questions you have in mind, you can also do it with your voice.

To do so, it depends on the device from which you connect. If, for example, you connect from a computer, you simply click on the microphone button, but if you enter the search engine from your Android phone, you can say aloud the command “Hey Google” and, once the search engine is activated, mention your search.

2.Try the search tools

Have you seen those buttons below the Google search bar? In addition to the one we use to search for images and news, there is also one that is not often used but can be very useful when we want to find specific information on any topic.

By clicking on the “Tools” button, you will have the opportunity to filter the results by language, publication date, or even if you only want to be shown PDF documents, images, or all existing results.

3. Search for a specific phrase

When you enter a word or phrase in the Google search engine, the platform will instantly show you all the results that include that phrase, including those in which there are phrases or words that may be related to your search.

However, if you want Google to show you only the results that explicitly include the phrase you entered in the search bar, in the same order and without including related results, you simply have to add quotation marks at the beginning and at the end of the phrase. For example, instead of entering ‘USA election results’ as a search, you should enter ‘”USA election results”‘.

4. Find results without a specific word

On the other hand, there is also the possibility that you want to perform a search that does not include certain words in the results. For this there is also a trick that can be very useful when searching in Google.

In this case you simply enter the phrase you want to search for, followed by a minus sign and the word you do not want to be included in the results. For example, if you search for Latest news – entertainment, the search engine will show you the most important current news, without including entertainment news.

5. Search for a cached website

Have you ever tried to access a specific web page, but just when you do it, the page is down? With this trick you won’t have to be left wondering what information the site includes, since you will be able to access it in the cached version.

As you know, Google keeps information in cache of all the content displayed through the web pages that are published in the search engine. To search for cached content of a website, simply add the command “cache:” before the site address. For example:

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With each of these tricks, you will surely be able to find all the information you need in a matter of minutes and in the quickest and easiest way. Remember that Google is a whole universe full of information, so it is always good to use some tricks to filter the results and find what you are looking for.

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