This new Instagram feature promises to bring important benefits to digital marketing.


When using Instagram to manage the sales of your business, there are many tools that can be very useful to connect with your followers in an effective way, getting that information just as you want it to arrive. Do you know the latest news on Instagram and the benefits it can bring to digital marketing?

As you probably know, Instagram is one of the most used social networks today. In fact, according to a study published on the Satatista website, by 2023, Instagram is expected to have 1450 million registered users.

With this great popularity enjoyed by this social network, it is not surprising that it is constantly renewing itself with new features that allow users to manage their accounts in different ways, in order to show dynamic and quality content to their followers.

In this article, we will tell you about the latest news on Instagram, with an emphasis on a new feature that promises to be one of the most useful for digital marketing strategies that seek to boost sales for your business.

What are the latest developments on Instagram?

In the last few weeks, a series of Instagram novelties have come to light that will positively affect Instagram accounts belonging to companies and creators, making the experience on the social network increasingly dynamic and interactive with followers.

Some of the most noteworthy new features are the following:

  • Scheduling posts in the feed. Now you will be able to schedule the day and time you want a post to be published in your account’s feed, regardless of whether it is an image, a carousel, or a reel.
  • Reel publishing achievements. When publishing reels, Instagram will now provide achievements to accounts for effort in producing this type of format, as well as consistency in using reels per week.
  • Music in the Instagram feed: Are you one of those who add music to stories to give them a different touch? Now you will also be able to do it in the feed. Instagram will allow you to add songs to photos, just as it does with stories and reels.

Each of these new features of Instagram will be available in the coming weeks, and will gradually appear in the settings of each profile, at the time of making a publication on the social network.

How will it be possible to schedule publications on Instagram?

One of the most awaited and requested new features of Instagram by the vast majority of users was the ability to set a specific time when a post could be published in the feed, without having to resort to tools external to the app.

Until this new update, in order to schedule a publication on Instagram, users had to resort to other tools, such as “Creator Studio”, belonging to Meta, which allowed them to schedule publications by date and time, so that they could be shared automatically at the established time.

Now, with these new features, Instagram will allow planning the publication of content in the app itself, making some adjustments at the time of publishing an image, reel, or carousel.

In order to schedule the publication, you simply need to create the post from the Instagram application and, before publishing it, access the post settings, where you will have the opportunity to select the time and date you want the post to be published in your profile feed. Keep in mind that this period cannot be longer than 75 days.

How does this new feature benefit digital marketing?

In digital marketing strategies, one of the most important factors to achieve a complete and effective reach with the content that is shared, is the specific time at which the publication is made.

While previously there were tools that allowed to schedule publications on Instagram, such as the one we mentioned above, “Creator Studio”, now this work will be much easier and can be done from the same Instagram platform, without having to go to another app.

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Who will be able to enjoy the new Instagram tools?

Like the vast majority of Instagram’s new features, at first, these are usually only available to creators with a certain number of followers, as well as to businesses using the Instagram for Business settings.

But don’t worry! It’s very likely that in a very short time we’ll all have each of these features available, and so we’ll be able to schedule posts in a fairly simple way, and even add our favorite songs to our feed posts.

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