Web design trends that will set the tone in 2023


Annually, in the digital field, there are trends that help us have an idea of how the most common practices will help us achieve greater and better results in any strategy, so that we can achieve optimal results in any aspect. In this opportunity, we share with you the web design trends that in 2023 will allow us to capture the attention of the largest number of users on the network.

Technology changes rapidly, and web design trends are no exception. Design elements and website features that were once modern and innovative may have become boring, overdone, and repetitive in recent years. The last thing you want when users visit your website is to lose conversions simply because you don’t have an attractive web design.

Fortunately, our team of creatives at Primitive Agency stays on top of the latest trends in website design and development to create pages that are truly functional, eye-catching, and easy to use.

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What will be the web design trends for 2023?

As the years go by, there will always be aspects of website design that will never go away, such as user-friendly navigation, data security, and fast load time. These 3 points should be an integral part of your website. However, you can also keep your site up to date with the latest design trends by adding some innovative elements and features that will undoubtedly be quite useful for your brand.

For this coming year 2023, the web design trends that promise to set the tone are:

White spaces on the web page.

As the years go by, it seems that web users are interested in increasingly simple, digestible, and minimalist content. While at some point the white spaces came to worry about lack of elements or information, in 2023 they can give your website that breathing space that will make it much more visually comfortable.

Blank spaces allow information to be received in a simpler and more orderly way, without saturating the screen with data that may overload the user’s reading. So, in this new year 2023, white spaces will surround the sites on the web.

3D elements

For some years now, 3D elements have been essential in the development of websites, as they provide a dynamic and modern touch to any brand. In 2023, these elements promise to remain at the top of the most used trends.

Whether they are images or 3D illustrations, these types of elements can give your website a touch of professionalism and quality that will undoubtedly allow you to attract the audience you want for your company.

Bright colors

This is also a trend that was born a few years ago, but thanks to the excellent results it provides and the great aesthetic touch it offers to the web design of any company or brand that needs a completely attractive site, in this 2023, it will continue to be one of the most popular resources.

In this case, we are talking about bright colors that can be used wisely in the structure of the web design of a brand, in order to draw the attention of potential customers who may be interested in the product offered.

Customized cursors

Gone are the days when we were used to surfing the Internet with the familiar cursor, white and without many eye-catching changes. Since mid-2022, a trend has emerged in which many designers have preferred to innovate and create unique cursors that go hand in hand with the colors and essence of the brand.

In 2023, customized cursors will be a part of everyday life. This will provide a unique and personalized touch to each website, so it will undoubtedly be an element that will draw the attention of many users who will be attracted by the creativity and originality shown through the design used in the pointer. 

Crystallized elements

Also known as “glasmorphism”, this trend basically consists of adding elements that visually act as a crystal, with a touch of transparency that will also be very useful when developing a dynamic and pleasant design for users.

In addition, this trend will allow highlighting important texts on the web page, so that a much clearer and more efficient message can be transmitted to potential customers who will visit your website on the Internet.

Thinking about renewing your website this 2023?

If you need help building an image that really conveys the essence of your brand, with a unique and creative web design that uses the latest trends to catch the eye of most users on the web, Primitive Agency can help you.

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