What is a podcast and how can it contribute to the digital growth of your brand?


Nowadays, the vast majority of us have listened, at least once, to a podcast, either through YouTube or any streaming platform such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, among others. And although this is a relatively new format, it is certainly here to stay. Now, if you still don’t know what a podcast is, you are in luck because here we will explain it to you.

Since it is an audio format that, unlike radio, has been with us for a short time because it began to become popular in the early 2000s, it is normal that even today there are still people who are not very familiar with what this term means, as well as with the function it fulfills as an audio format.

In this article, we will not only tell you what a podcast is, but we will also explain how this tool can be very useful when developing a marketing strategy aimed at the digital growth of a brand, so you can make the most of the virtues of this format for your business.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is an audio transmission format through the web, which we can listen to while we are doing any type of activity, whether on a trip, while on the way to the office, or even while working.

Unlike blogs and videos, podcasts are much easier to consume, since we only need to play them on the platform we use the most, in order to listen to the content that catches our attention.

The term Podcast was created in 2004 and comes from the union between the words “iPod”, Apple’s audio player device, and “Broadcast”, which in Spanish means transmission. It was used by British journalist Ben Hammersly in an article published in The Guardian in 2004. By the following year, Apple took advantage of the term and added it to the functions of its iTunes software. 

At that time there were already around 3,000 podcasts available, the vast majority of them in English. Today, the number of available podcasts has grown even more, thanks to the popularization of the different streaming platforms we know today, such as Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcast, among many others.

How can a podcast be useful for a brand’s digital growth?

When looking for digital growth for your brand, what is the first tool you think of to create a digital strategy? Surely it’s social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or TikTok. But what if instead of posting flashy designs and texts related to your product, you communicate directly with your potential customers through audio?

With the great popularity that podcasts have reached today, this format has also become an excellent digital marketing tool, which you can use to get the message you want to your customers, and even connect with new prospects who may be interested in your business.

While we mentioned earlier that at the beginning there were around 3000 podcasts available on Apple’s platform, today many experts estimate that there are approximately 2 million podcasts online, which are available through the different streaming platforms that we can access today.

Furthermore, according to a study conducted by the Discover Pods platform, today, approximately eight out of ten people listen to a podcast while driving a vehicle or on public transportation, and 58% do so during their free time.

With all this data in mind, the podcast is undoubtedly a tool with a powerful ability to connect with new users on the Internet. You simply have to be creative and come up with a podcast related to your brand or company’s industry, so you can start producing content that can engage your target audience.

Benefits of creating a podcast for a brand

At this point, with everything we have explained, you are surely already convinced of how beneficial it can be to create a podcast for the digital growth of your brand. But, in case you’re still not quite sure, here are 3 of the most important benefits you can get from producing a podcast for your brand:

Make your brand stand out from the rest

When it comes to succeeding with a brand, one of the main goals is to outperform your competition. And what better way to do that than by offering your users a unique variety of content in a completely convenient and digestible format?

By creating a podcast, you can give your business a completely original twist, making your brand stand out from the rest, even if they offer your same product.

Greater connection with your audience

Another objective when creating a digital marketing strategy is to increase the connection you have with the audience that consumes your brand. Through a podcast, you can have the opportunity to keep your audience interested in your business, offering content that may provide a solution to questions they may have regarding your product or related topics.

This will allow you to create much higher customer loyalty, which will lead you to increase the connection with the users that consume your product.

Opportunity to connect with new customers

Last but not least, due to the fact that by creating a podcast, you will have the opportunity to publish content related to your brand through the main streaming platforms on the web, you will also be able to reach a much wider audience, beyond the users who already know your brand.

In this regard, through the creation of a podcast, you can have the opportunity to draw new customers to your business, who may be interested in your brand because of the content you share through your podcast.

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Need help creating a podcast?

Now that you know what a podcast is and how this audio tool can benefit your business, you’re probably thinking about creating one to help your brand grow digitally. 

However, although it is a format that you can easily produce, even from home, it is always important that you have a production team that allows you to create a really effective and quality podcast, so that you can share content that will help you boost your brand’s awareness on the web.

At Primitive Agency, we have plenty of experience in creating podcasts for different types of businesses and we can help you connect with that audience that is waiting to listen to you and to become potential customers of your brand. Call us today at +1 (646) 377 9470, or send us an email at hello@primitiveagency.com so we can start working together to boost your business’ digital momentum.

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