What is traditional marketing and how can it contribute to business growth?


Traditional marketing tactics, such as print or broadcast ads, direct mail and telemarketing, are often considered old school or outdated. But that doesn’t mean these strategies aren’t relevant or impactful. 

In fact, they remain a critical part of any sound marketing strategy. A company has to keep pace with new technologies and changing consumer habits to be successful. The marketing world is always changing, but some things will never go out of style: the principles of good marketing remain the same, regardless of how many new digital channels emerge. 

Fortunately, for those who have grown tired of app ads and online videos on any kind of subject matter, traditional marketing tactics are still effective for growing businesses and brands in almost any industry. Read on to learn more about traditional marketing and how it can help your business grow in a safe and effective way.


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What is traditional marketing?

Traditional marketing is a general term used to describe the non-interactive marketing activities that companies use to build awareness and drive action. Companies invest in traditional marketing activities such as print, radio, television, and billboard ads to reach their target audience with messages. 

In general, traditional marketing is about reaching your target market to grow your business. In addition, traditional marketing is also known as “old school” marketing because it has been around since the beginning of modern marketing.

Types of traditional marketing that can work for your brand

There are different traditional marketing techniques that can be extremely useful when looking to grow business and connect with a larger number of customers, whatever sector the company belongs to.

Some of the most popular types of traditional marketing are:

Print advertising.

Today, newspaper and magazine advertising is more relevant than ever. Print media is the most effective communication channel for companies wishing to reach a commercial audience. Print advertising has many advantages over digital, such as: the fact that people go back to reading print, print ads can reach a very specific audience, they cost less than digital advertising, among many others.

Television ads

TV ads are one of the most common forms of traditional marketing. They have been a staple in the marketing mix since the 1950s, when television became a viable commercial platform. Television commercials are a proven form of advertising. They have been used for decades to introduce new products, build brand awareness and increase sales of various products and services. One of the biggest advantages of television commercials is their wide reach. Television commercials can be seen by up to 90% of a country’s population.

Radio commercials

If you haven’t done radio ads before, you might think they’re yesterday’s thing. But radio advertising is still a very effective marketing tool. It reaches an estimated 98% of the U.S. population each week and accounts for about 6% of all advertising spending. Radio continues to reach a massive audience and remains a very cost-effective form of advertising. The cost of producing a radio ad is extremely low compared to other media, such as television. 


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Newspapers and magazines

Newspapers and magazines have lost readers in recent years, but they remain an effective marketing channel. A publication’s readership is almost always targeted and publications are often willing to work directly with advertisers. Depending on the publication, there are different ways to advertise. 


Telemarketing remains a controversial and often reviled marketing tactic. But there are times when it is the best option for reaching a large group of people. Telemarketing has advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantage is its scalability. With the right technology and a large enough team, you can reach thousands of people in a short time. It is also a low-cost alternative to other marketing methods, such as television advertising. 


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Mail Marketing

If you want to reach a specific audience, direct mail marketing may be the most effective option. Mail marketing involves sending direct mail pieces to potential customers through the postal service. The best way to think of direct mail marketing is as an old-fashioned form of email marketing. Companies send paper newsletters and brochures to their customers and potential customers.

Can traditional marketing today contribute to business growth?

Traditional marketing is still effective because it uses the proven marketing principles that have been around since the early 20th century: a quality product, an effective message, and a strategic marketing mix. 

About 90% of consumers still rely on traditional media to learn about new products, services, and brands. Of these traditional channels, print, television, and newspapers remain the top three marketing tools. Traditional marketing also remains an important investment for companies because it continues to offer a high return on investment (ROI). A well-executed traditional campaign can help a company attract new customers, build brand awareness and increase sales.

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Do you dare to try the benefits of traditional marketing?

If you are looking for the right way to connect with your target audience and get your message across in a creative and much more direct way, traditional marketing is undoubtedly an excellent option for you.

At Primitive Agency, we can help you determine which media can be the most appropriate for the growth of your business. Our team of creatives will be in charge of studying the possibilities of your brand, in order to devise the most effective strategies that can take your company to the top.

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