How to design an attractive banner for your B2B website


To make your brand stand out in the business market, capturing the attention of your target audience is a fundamental goal that you should have in mind. And that’s where a striking and captivating banner for your B2B website comes into play. But do you know how to create a unique piece that identifies your brand and connects with your audience?

In this article, we will share some of the best practices for designing a banner that grabs the attention of your potential customers and effectively conveys the message of your B2B company. From selecting the appropriate colors and typography to choosing persuasive images and calls to action, we will guide you through the process of creating a banner that stands out and converts.

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What is the function of a banner on a B2B website?

On a B2B website, banners play a crucial role in capturing attention and directing traffic to specific areas of interest for businesses. These banners act as a powerful visual communication tool that seeks to attract visitors and guide them towards desired conversions, such as downloading a resource, subscribing to a newsletter, or requesting a quote.

In addition to their eye-catching function, banners on a B2B website also play an important role in promoting specific products or services. By strategically placing banners on the site, it is possible to highlight key features, special promotions, or new product launches, which can give you the opportunity to generate interest and arouse the curiosity of your visitors, encouraging them to explore further and ultimately take actions that benefit your company.

How to create an attractive banner for your B2B website?

Creating an attractive banner for your B2B website requires following some key steps. Below, we share five of the most important ones so you can create a unique banner:

  • Define your goals: Before starting to design, clearly identify what you want to achieve with the banner. Do you want to generate leads, promote a product, or strengthen your brand? Setting clear goals will help you guide the design effectively.
  • Know your audience: Understanding who your banner is directed to is essential to design it in an attractive and relevant way. Research the demographic characteristics and interests of your target audience to adapt the design, tone, and messages appropriately.
  • Design a clear and concise message: An effective banner must communicate its message clearly and concisely. Use brief and focused text, highlighting the key benefits of your offer. Make sure the message is direct and easy to understand at a quick glance.
  • Use eye-catching images and colors: Images and colors are powerful visual tools for capturing attention. Choose relevant and high-quality images that reinforce your message. Also, select colors that contrast and harmonize with your brand identity to create an effective visual impact.
  • Include a persuasive call to action (CTA): The CTA is essential to guide visitors towards the desired action. Design a clear and compelling CTA that stands out and encourages users to take action, whether it’s “Request a demo,” “Sign up now,” or “Learn more.” Make sure the CTA is visible and strategically located in the banner.

By following these five steps, you can create an attractive banner for your B2B website that captures the attention of your audience and generates positive results for your business. Remember, it’s also important to test and adjust based on data and feedback received on your website to continuously optimize your designs.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the recommended size for a banner on a B2B website?

The recommended size for a banner on a B2B website may vary depending on the location and specific design of the site. However, a commonly used dimension is 728×90 pixels for horizontal banners and 300×250 pixels for rectangular banners. These sizes adapt well to most screens and offer enough space to convey an impactful message without taking up too much space on the page.

What visual and graphic elements are most effective in a banner?

In a banner, the most effective visual and graphic elements are those that capture attention quickly and convey the message clearly. Relevant and high-quality images or illustrations are powerful for generating interest. Strategic use of eye-catching and contrasting colors, as well as legible typography, are also key elements.

How much text is recommended to include in a banner on a B2B website?

In a banner on a B2B website, it is recommended to include a limited amount of text to ensure quick reading and immediate understanding. Ideally, use short and concise phrases or messages that clearly and effectively convey the main point.

Avoiding excessive text is important as it can overwhelm the viewer and distract from the main message. Do you want to learn more tips for creating an exceptional banner for your B2B website? Fill out our contact form or write to [email protected] , and let us help you achieve your online marketing goals!

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