How to make a creative copy for your brand’s social networks?


When it comes to managing the social networks of your brand, one of the most essential parts, and one of the most difficult to achieve, is the copy of the publications that we make in our profile, because these should be as striking as possible, so that we can achieve that goal of capturing the attention of users. In this article, we will share some tips on how to make a creative copy for your business’s social networks.

Let’s be honest; many times, when we are looking for a product on social networks, we may find two accounts that offer the same product, with the same features, but what makes us decide on one of them is the description they give us and the way they portray how that product can be useful to us.

And that is precisely the importance of copywriting: to create a text that allows us to persuade the user to focus their attention on our product until they finally make the decision to purchase and become our customer.

So, how can we come up with a creative copy that allows us to achieve this goal? With the following tips, you will surely find the answer! Remember that, if you need professional help to manage your brand’s social networks, Primitive Agency can help you. Call +1 (646) 377 9470, or email us at [email protected] and let’s talk about your project.

What is a copy in social networks?

Copys are all those messages that we usually publish on social networks of our brand, with the sole purpose of attracting the attention of our customers and connecting with their feelings so that they identify with our product and feel the need to purchase it.

Each of these messages usually communicates a specific message about the values of our brand and the benefits it can provide, which can be written in the form of slogans, image descriptions, short texts, etc.

In addition, depending on the platform or social network on which we publish the copy, this text can be paired with an appropriate number of hashtags, or tags, which will allow us to expand our reach and connect with many more users through social networks.

What should a copy have to be truly effective?

There are many tips that can help you create powerful texts that allow you to capture the attention of users on social networks, so you can see how your sales will go up like crazy, improving your business statistics in terms of customer interaction, conversion, revenue, and much more.

Some of the main features that should be taken into consideration when wondering how to make a creative copy for social networks are the following:

It must be brief.

100% original.

According to the values of your brand.

Provide an answer or solution to your customers.

Written neatly and without errors.

With these 5 basics in mind, you can start writing a text that will truly be functional and effective for your brand’s social networks, with which you can surely draw the attention of many potential customers.

How to make a creative copy for social networks?

If you’d like to start making a creative copy with quality content that will help you draw more and more customers to your brand, here are some tips that will surely be of great help.

Seek to connect with emotions

This has to be one of the main objectives of a copy since it has been proven that most of us, when we make a purchase on the Internet, are guided more by emotions than by reason.

Therefore, appealing to the customer’s emotions is essential to achieve the conversion we need. In order to do this, you can use phrases such as “save time, money, and effort”, “protect your health and that of your family”, “ensure your professional success”, among many others, depending on the target and the product offered.

Highlight the benefits of your product

Although we often focus on describing the features of our product, it is also important to highlight its benefits, so that the customer can have an idea of how useful it will be to purchase the product.

In this case, it is best to focus the idea of the content on answering questions such as: how can the product benefit the customer, why should the customer make the purchase without hesitation, how can the product benefit the customer, and why should the customer make the purchase without hesitation. The focus should always be on highlighting how the product can solve the customer’s life.

Use simple vocabulary

Taking into consideration the fact that in social networks we can find audiences of all types, it is important to use simple vocabulary, without many technical terms that can complicate the reading and understanding of the idea you want to convey.

By producing a text that is easy to assimilate and understand, you will increase the chances of making the sale you need.

Be brief and concise

The vast majority of people on social networks dedicate very little time to reading the texts that accompany the publications that are made, especially those in which a specific product is offered.

This is why it is important to make sure you create brief content. Focus on the benefits, features, and a powerful call to action that manages to connect with the emotions of your customers. 

Use emojis and tags

Another resource you can use to make your content much more dynamic and friendly when reading it is emojis and tags.

On the one hand, emojis will allow you to describe and convey emotions in a much more direct and effective way, and on the other hand, tags will help you segment your audience, allowing you to reach users who may be really interested in your product or service.

Ready to hit your customers with a 100% original and eye-catching copy?

We have already given you some tips that will undoubtedly be of great help to creating the best copy for your social networks. But, if you need a little help, you don’t have to rack your brains trying to create content that is fully functional for your brand, that’s what we’re here for!

At Primitive Agency, we have a team of creators ready to help you come up with awesome pieces of copy for your business’s social networks. We will take care of studying your brand, your customers, and the opportunities we can leverage to connect with many more users who can become future customers of your brand.

Shall we start? Call +1 (646) 377 9470, or email us at [email protected], tell us about your project, and let’s get started!

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